2018 News and Christmas Greetings from Joy Wisdom

Christmas is a time of giving and family get togethers, where we realise how blessed we are.

People are changing to secret Santa and cutting down on commercialised buying and giving more to charity instead. It is not about materialistic things anymore, it is about sharing.

We live in transitional times and this December is no exception. Indeed, December 2018 is very special. Equivalent to 12.12.12.  We will be experiencing another phase or transitional jumping point, in our evolution.

Many who knew the significance of 2012, and especially 12.12.12, held mixed emotions and thinking around 12.12.12: End of the world and unknown territories. And I guess it was the end of the world: end of the world as we knew it. It signified a new eara. We were finally entering baby steps into a different era of two thousand years. A different way of living and thinking that would be accelerated over decades to come. Many changes and challenges would happen individually as well as globally. Signifying the end of the Piscean age of control, power, intolerance and ‘I’, selfishness: Moving forward we were to embrace Unity, Oneness and LOVE. Six years of transformation has already taken place. Some would view it as chaos, unrest, others see it for what it is. CHANGE. And at the end of 2018, the universe is giving us a bigger push forward into Aquarian toddler stage. Another giant step and with that physical, emotional and mental transition for all, as we dismantle the old and infuse the new. This is how evolution works. Some people have already contacted to say Allonus Power of 3 LiGHt Healing programme, has vastly supported them, watching folk around them struggle on 12th!

As with Brexit it is huge transition, yet the squabbles continue. People jump ship change sides and can’t make up their minds.  Although the vote is clear. Yet we argue because it does not fit with old dogma, ways of culture/family thinking!  Let’s face it we are not the great nation we once were in queen Victoria’s time, those days are gone, albiet some still hang on to that thinking! Our politicians look foolish. Democracy is ignored. Their role is to carry out the referendum result. Yet they don’t! Counteracting anything to disagree because it was not their idea! yet they don’t have answers or solutions, but who cares! And Europe looks on and continues their game of chess and gain points from their own resentments from history!  Like children in the school yard our politicians, bolster their own agenda, posturing, fighting between themselves! It is ridiculous. Chaotic and yet it must play out, until we get unity in the UK.  We have democracy, but how true to it are we? Do we cherry pick the bits we want, or do we whole heartedly abide by the referendum result? Time will tell. But let me say Aquarian age thinking is all about truth, not lies. Authenticity, respect and honour.

12.12.12 was about closing doors. Making way for change,  shutting down the last throws of systems that continued Piscean age dogma. Opening new portals of energies to support the Aquarian Age. A time of sadness and Joy. With the closing it meant old ways had to go. Old thinking, bullying, systems etc., hence the sometimes-rocky transition we find ourselves in, personally, regionally and globally.  We must acknowledge that some people do not like change, they like the status quo more, even though it does not work! No sense or logic but hang on to it anyway!

12.12.12 happened over a week and there were two prominent time frames of key change .The shutting down phase was from 12.12.12 until 19.12.12
I arranged for thirty-three people to join me in Belfast for our gathering 19th– 23rdDecember 2012. We were part of the second phase, opening and kick starting the new age of Aquarius. We all held parts of the jigsaw. In truth it was a starting gun of accelerated change, new beginnings and the energy felt new and familiar at the same time. The acceleration was slow to start. Over the five-days we worked together to help smooth the way from ending 2000-year legacy,  building a bridge to a very different way of living. Years of set up, prep and hard  work had already been put in place for the two phases to transition with grace and ease, we had a few glitches, as I expected it was a full on agenda 24/7, and on the 24thDecember it felt as though the train was pulling out of the station, slow and laboured, achieved and now we waited for it to unfold, accelerate and over the six years reach magnificent levels of attainment for humanity. Many phases unfolded over the years, at different time frames. 2018 is one of many to follow. I would have preferred a less laboured train leaving the station, still heavy from the onslaught of negativity and injustice that had to be eliminated as it went, flying off as speed gathered. It was as smooth as we could make it, with consciousness of humanity held at 24.12.2012.

Six years on we have another phase of what was put in place during 19-24thDecember 2012.

Summer solstice 2018 saw several completions and further key processes activated, aligned for December’s phase of acceleration. So here we are, more portals and phases of sublime energies synching and radiating to the planet from above and Gaia radiating to us. The energies are quite spectacular and the next full moon’s strong energies on the 21st will add to accelerate action of 24th where phase 3-4-5 will be switched on.

Many are predicting 12.12.18 is the key element for life upshift. However, it is a closing down of old, with a week of transition of elimination, realisation and awareness, like no other time. The rebirthing is from 19thonce more, (the same format as for 12.12.12) only this time it is more significant to humanity. (As each phase will be). Democracy of the self is the theme, what do we cherry pick, or ignore in our own Brexit from old?  All will be highlighted as the New energies are cascaded to Gaia. 12.12.18 carries the activation code of positive and major change, as did 12.12.12

This time we are working with our Soul groups and soul connections. Happier times, a very different concept and pathway open to us, allowing us to feel Love, inner power and ignition of the 3-fold-flame held in the heart chakra (4th). We will feel more grounded and in the flow of life instead of pushing against it. Empaths and sensitives will sigh a relief and feel more comfortable with the NEW familiar energies flooding planet earth. The energies have flavours of OMNI. OMNI means everything and everywhere… giving reality of ourselves. Since 12thDecember, we have had riots in France and demonstrations in Italy, highlighting injustice and separation. Oneness and unity, globally all will be in the spotlight. Symptoms can be sleepless, restless sleep, tiredness and irrational emotions from nowhere, highlighting misalignment and separation of the self. The journey to self-alignment-synching and unity has begun.

We were given spirals of time In the summer during the Lions Gate alignment, this paved the way for releasing December’s  flow of energies, helping us to align to higher frequencies and feel peace. As with any energetic transition on such a grand scale there will be those who have baulked against change and while they dig their heels in (becoming stuck) a harder choice to let go of old ancient and IGTA (inherited generational transference and absorption) to be eliminated. Compared to the story of Moses, and the red cross signal on the door for holy spirit acknowledgement and fly by; the energies will be direct and dig deep to find that which we ignore. Advising us to walk away from what no longer serves us. Moving towards healthier living, positive people with grace and ease.

We live in transitional times and future key dates (solstices, equinox and Lunar) will be ongoing for evolution, the difference and key… is choice…we can embrace and move faster or slow the process down, it is individual choice.

I choose change and embrace it wholeheartedly. Teach accordingly, offering New approaches, with assistance and learning to help transition during these amazing times we live. We certainly need a new tool box to deal with what is here and to come. We live in remarkable times, pioneering change, new visions for living, health and longevity.

Suffering will be a thing of the past… as Quan Yin told me in mid 1990s and I am seeing it in my lifetime. Happy days!

The helping hand of Allonus is there for you to guide and give new tools for life… reach out and accelerate change for yourself, grab with both hands. Save yourself, Save your Soul, workshops begin February 2019. OMNI energies can be yours from inside out 24/7 with the Power of 3.

I wish you a Happy graceful Christmas and a LOVE..ing 2019

Enjoy the journey,  step out of your own way and embrace these revolutionary times.

OMNI LOVE and Hugs

Joy x 12.12.2018.

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