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Celebration message

  • 5 min read

ZEST of Life Celebration Day 12th March 2022 Hello Wisdom Searchers,  I can’t believe it is over a decade since I launched Allonus in 2010 with the LiGHt Healing arm, ONE LOVE Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing on the weekend of LOVE 14th February 2010.  The same year I launched Dissolve and… Read More »Celebration message

Ancestral Legacies

  • 8 min read

Legacies, do we really want to step in ancestral shoes? Ancestral legacies left good and not so good benefits. We are constantly seeking to interpret legacies often with rose coloured glasses. Especially around spiritual development, religion, science and health. Legacy packages, cultural and lineages, a challenge to know… Read More »Ancestral Legacies

Christmas message

  • 5 min read

Joy and Allonus Team are wishing you all a wonderful festive break. We are taking a well-earned break, closing 21stDecember until 7th January 2022.   Whirlwind of Achievements goes on into 2022. As we end 2021, looking back on our year seems to have been a whirlwind of achievements and… Read More »Christmas message

Memories and Remembrance

  • 6 min read

Red Poppies, the flower that continued to grow on battle grounds at Flanders became the symbol of battle loss from WW1. Memorials were setup to remember the millions of veterans who were lost in battle after WW1. Huge numbers built in the 1920s and 1930s a new social phenomenon marking a… Read More »Memories and Remembrance


  • 7 min read

FINDING OUR WAY TO KINDNESS. KINDNESS CAN SAVE US FROM ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION BY JOY WISDOM Through the ages we have accepted suffering as part of life, even conditioned by our cultures, lineages and church. One of the reasons why some people have opted out of normal life.… Read More »Kindness

Are you Birthing or destroying in life – What we feed our brain we will live!

  • 5 min read

Are you Birthing or destroying in lifeWhat we feed our brain we will live! Learn New concepts for better mental health and wellbeing.  Get your life back. In Hinduism and Buddhism, a ‘klesha’ is a negative mental state that clouds the mind causing suffering and conditions for suffering to arise.… Read More »Are you Birthing or destroying in life – What we feed our brain we will live!

How to think from the heart

  • 3 min read

Much has changed cosmically since JanuaryPlanets are aligned that haven’t been so since 1962We expected nothing less in 2021.  Pandemic continues to highlight division in culture and government and intolerance across the world with discrepancies staring us in our face.  Out of the blue changes and surprises are continuing throughout the year.… Read More »How to think from the heart