The Cyber Revolution

The ‘Technological Age’ we find ourselves in today originated from the space programme of the 1960s; pioneering technology that changed our world. Instant sound and

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Oxcytocin & breastfeeding

A drive to promote incentives for more women to breast feed has been announced, they include paying mothers to try the natural way. There can

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The TV programme Lose Women announced that Social Services had taken a child into care for being obese and held the parents responsible. Professionals need

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Avoid Christmas stress

We can become overwhelmed with the addition of fitting in Christmas planning and arrangements to an already full life. Going to bed late and/or up

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Mirror Image

Mirror Image – Facts and Solutions to Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA). By Joy Wisdom Ground-breaking factual exploration as to how we behave, why we

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Ditch it Don’t Live it !

by Joy Wisdom Mindfulness is a popular concept in modern times Amazing to hear Breakfast news announcing Parliament holding a mindfulness gathering. Explained as meditation

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