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Allonus Zest of Life DVD


Allonus Zest of Life DVD – Joy Wisdom Interview

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Joy Wisdom ‘Interview in the Café’ DVD

Joy was interviewed in November 2013 at the Sanctuary of Healing in Lancashire, while teaching and training students in the ‘ZEST of Life’® Programme.  The DVD is split into sections to listen to the different topics within the Zest of Life development. (As seen on YouTube) All Joy’s courses are fast track and CPD approved.  Each programme supports and develops from different angles.  An all-encompassing approach to health, individual and spiritual enlightenment.  Joy also discusses her global reach programme, helping Gaia to lighten her load, healing the earth and takes Lightworker groups around the world. She runs a one day course on Earth work.

Joy Wisdom:  Her background – aclinical Intuitive Body/Mind practitioner, Psychic Healer, Teacher and author of several books/CDs. Involved in spiritual global work for over two decades and teaching new practitioner techniques. Bringing in new information, ways of living, nurturing, changing and developing for the Aquarian age. Joy is also the founder of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions® (DARE™) a unique approach with Intuitive Practitioner Training, plus arange of new LiGHt Healing processes, including reconnection to the Atlantean Template, and Lotus Path Ascension programme, a full A-Z programme of ultimate spiritual development under the banner of ‘ZEST of Life’® programme.

In her interview Joy describes her journey as the founder of the ‘ZEST of Life’ package launched in 2010.  A radical approach to spiritual fast track development, incorporating many approaches to life, new ways of living, good health and being Joyous and LiGHt hearted everyday.

Discusses the Allonus LiGHT Healing programme and Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing® (the first stage of development) open to anyone, no previous experience is necessary in Joys teachings.  Many Reiki masters have taken this course and have been amazed by the energy and results.

I have attended many courses in my many years, of spiritual awakening, but none compare with the course it is life changing.  I have used your chakra cd every day along with the Angel wings exercise, and affirmations.    The effects are truly amazing.   Reiki Master Bernard

Joy discusses advance and master class levels of LiGHt healing in her interview.

Secrets of Life® Joy has been teaching Secrets or (SoL) since 2005.  Before it’s time in many ways, waiting for consciousness to raise and people to be ready to receive.    Joy explains the effects and changes that can be received through SoL, including the emotional group clearing and reconnections that takes place each day.

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