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Chakra CD


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Chakras CD

Meditations to heal and balance the body

7 tracks including an introduction.

This Chakra CD produces a complete programme for clearing the Chakras, inner vision and illumination. The Chakra CD was created in 2005 with original music produced for the CD.  Since this time it has found its way to many a practitioner, student and client supporting their development and route to good health.  Joy has a wonderful, blissful voice to listen to.  People often use her CD to sleep and relax.   Contacts, calls, testimonials and emails state ‘it is the best CD they have heard in a long time’.


Track one:  Introduction to Chakras.  A brief explanation of the complex support systems that the majority of the population do not know exist or understand they are an important part to good health.


Track two: Basic meditation – An explanation of what to do, how to do it and guide to receiving the best from the tracks.


Track Three: Chakra connection meditation – Joy guides you through the process of the inner view of the body, chakras and vision of the real you.


Track Four: Open/Close Chakras – We open and close our chakras for receiving and protecting ourselves from negativity.  Joy guides the listener through the process with compassion.


Track Five:  Lotus Flower Mediation – Helping the listeners to ground and align themselves through the Lotus Flower.  Individual alignment to each primary or earth Chakra, developing knowledge and inner knowing of the true self.


Track Six:  Visualisation and LiGHT meditation – Inner vision guidance and quick chakra clearing suggestions.  A wonderful deep relaxing process. The LiGHt meditation is an excellent way to enhance inner vision, inner knowing..  Joys voice is soothing and gentle as she guides the listener to receive illumination, receiving Crystal White LiGHt into the Chakras.

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