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DARE – F1/2 Method Support Review Tutorials – 2022, Dates TBC, Online-Zoom


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DARE  F1/2 – Method support tutorial

F1-2 method support tutorial follows on from F1-2 training


Tutor: Joy Wisdom


Dates: 2022, Dates TBC

Duration: 2 hours zoom (approx.)

Times: 16.00 – 18.00  (Digital on line meetings – 2 hour Zoom) 

Venue: Oline – Zoom
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*Follow on support method is included as an addition in D.A.R.E F1-2 block booking package. Otherwise a fee applies £50.00


Overview: D.A.R.E Therapy offers several support options for the student who has completed Foundation training courses:

Support method over-view days are essential to keep up with NEW DARE concepts, skills and techniques. As with all modality training, we are still on the learning curve after original training. Joy includes support packages to help practitioners specialise with confidence to a higher levels. Extending understanding and expansion Practitioner and therapy growing together.

D.A.R.E training offers several different ways of support.

  1. Support Method F1-2 & F3-4 tutorial and training (4-6 weeks after practitioners training). Further training structured presentation. Q&A Offers time for questions and clarification. Open to those who have already trained and wanted review to brush up on further support.**

**Evening share opportunities for new students will follow on from (1) method support date tutorial.  Look out for dates of Evening share time (2-hour) a separate fee applies.

2.D.A.R.E foundation practice and share slots throughout the year*. Receive support shared practice and one-to-one D.A.R.E session opportunities. Opportunity to brush up on methods gives confidence and experience at low cost. Time for you and gives maintenance opportunities for individual and professional self.  Evening share (2-hour) fee applies.

*Please note this is not a training forum. Practice and share opportunity only.

Checkout website for details : or contact office to book your place.

On-Line Share and practice slots are offered for those who have completed D.A.R.E Foundation training. A student or practitioner additional choice. Provides time for extra practice support. An opportunity to put methods into practice, gaining one-to-one experience, understanding and confidence from D.A.R.E original Therapy training.  Offers personal time for practitioner and practice clarification.



Checkout website for details : Book on line or contact office to book your place.