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D.A.R.E Tutorials – Improve your immunity


Tutor: Joy Wisdom


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Dates: 2022

24th January

21st February

28th March

25th April

30th May

27th June

Times: 19:00 – 20:30 (Digital LIVE online meetings)

Venue: Online – Zoom
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*Fee applies – (£30 per session)


Overview: Better Immunity can be yours. Joy Wisdom from Allonus offers a series of tutorials spotlighting facts and information for you to help yourself.

  • Many of us have gut issues digestive dysfunctions and correcting the digestive system helps to improve immunity.
  • Improves fatigue, puts less strain on our physicality.

When we have malabsorption, effecting health and gut issues our equilibrium is out of kilter. Immunity suffers and nervous systems oversensitive to daily life stresses.T he physical body is a marvellous machine, given the right circumstances it can help to heal itself. By correcting our imbalances and malabsorption in our bodies we give the body a chance to improve body systems can follow.

Tutorial one:  In our first tutorial we will be looking at body performance.

Learning about an Immune enhancer, that helps to strengthen bones, aids Liver performance. Find out about the impacts of this vitamin on health – positive and negative influences and how to change that for yourself.

  • Digestive system malabsorption is a big subject and a large part of gut and immune dysfunctions.
  • How do we know the levels of vitamins and nutrients we hold?
  • Are we able to digest and absorb the good food or vitamins we take?
  • How well do we digest or not. What is it that is stopping us from having good digestive function.
  • Is eating something we do before the washing up?
  • Is it lifestyle and poor choices around food?
  • At times poor function could come from formation or even early years where we could not stomach food.
  • How vitamins and minerals help to improve body performance.
  • We could be eating all the right things but not getting a response due to stress and trauma shutting digestive systems down.

Lots of permutations exist making no sense or reason… yet there is a reason and correcting will make all the difference.

Book now to find out more information on the simple things you can do to improve health immunity and internal systems, join me for the first of a series of live digital educational training. Open to anyone, no previous experience required.  More information please contact.
Checkout website for details : Book on line or contact office to book your place.

Join the webinar please book online. https://www.allonus.co.uk

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D.A.R.E practitioners extra tuition on tutorials available look out for dates.

Joy will be offering a series of monthly tutorials looking at different aspects of health including skin disorders, pain, sleep, depression etc. helping you to learn how to improve your immunity, well-being and avoid fatigue. Website gives more information.













24th January, 21st February, 28th March, 25th April, 30th May, 27th June