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DARE Intermediate – Relationships, 2022, Dates TBC, Online – Zoom


DARE Intermediate – Relationships

Dates: 2022, Dates TBC

Duration: 4 Days

Times: 10am & 3pm – unless otherwise stated (Each Webinar 3 hours approx.)

Venue: Online – Zoom
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Overview: D.A.R.E Intermediate training workshop 4-day. Live Digital training. Entry level is F3-4

Why do couples and individuals keep making the same mistake around Relationships?

Past life influences will bring tainted views and draws to people to those they have known of olde! Relationships are a big subject and can be complex in waves, status quo living and stubborn resolves; curses, promises/vows, plus contracts are involved. Hidden from view and can open Pandoras box with historical replays ongoing.

D.A.R.E therapy is unique as it can find and unpick relationship issues that allow all parties to move on. A specialist subject and Intermediate level of training.

D.A.R.E approaches finds Karma is a big part of relationships social, family and personal. Issues and involved in relationship challenges. Indeed the complex weaves goes on and on, repeating and falling further into the abys of close relationship entanglement. Gender behaviour and underlying personal issues are involved. Brain development and compassion, we crave love but cannot receive or see love as ‘physical and sex’ rather than the heart-warming and full flood embellishment growing internally; personal discernment and development via the HeART. A two way street to satisfaction, supporting personal power daily.

Archetypal behaviour and mind Schemas perpetuate slow learning. Glitching learning and individual advancement. Prostitute, pleaser, slave behaviour, for instance are part of the picture for some people. Abuse, fear and mind control are other factors. Lack of self-esteem, low personal power and independence are flavours and dominant causes of relationship dysfunction. We only know what we have lived (this and previous lives) the detriment from relationships can be long. The drama and fall out in unhappiness and disillusionment is phenomenal. Complex entrapments, ground-hog-day replays with similar variations on a theme.

Same groups, cultures, families and groups involved.  Soul learning on the agenda.

D.A.R.E Therapy brings clarity, finds and highlights the core issues involved. D.A.R.E processes allows dissolving and resolving of links and ties of old. Upgrading self-esteem, inner power and throws out repetition as new learning and perception, discernment grows and flourishes for all concerned.  Bringing new understanding and awareness with new choices on the horizon.  Practitioner will receive session time to deal with their own weakness or events, family dynamics etc. Brings a whole new perception around relationships, cultural/lineage conditioning, plus personal, social, sibling interactions.


Case studies apply.

Additional fee applies for case studies.