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DARE – Practitioner Accelerator Foundation Tutorials, 2022, Dates TBC, D.A.R.E Gut instinct, Online – Zoom


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DARE – Practitioner Accelerator Foundation Tutorials

D.A.R.E Gut instinct


Tutor: Joy Wisdom


Dates: 2022 – Dates TBC

Duration: TBC

Times: TBC

Venue: Online – Zoom (Please register for links and password)



Overview: DARE therapy training is continually updated from consciousness. As consciousness changes we need new techniques to assist humanity.

D.A.R.E Practitioner Accelerator Training Days are offered for refined learning on different topics, developing strengths, expansion in perception and intuitive skills.

D.A.R.E Practitioner Accelerator Days are refining depth and breadth to techniques, emotional issues and learning the best ways to use D.A.R.E for health problems, resulting in effective and faster delivery. D.A.R.E training can be compared to driving a car, the original workshop training and case studies, give you the rudiments, (i.e.: how to use the equipment) thereafter therapists are learning how to drive on the road, when to stop, upshift gear, when to move out onto the outside lane. Still a lot to learn even when you receive your qualified certificate.

If you have not attended anything since your original training, or need a reminder of training, DARE Practitioner Accelerator Days are a fast way to catch up and experience what you have been taught by experiencing exchange sessions included in the two-day experience. Value for money and invaluable as part of your individual development.

Benefits include adding to your CPD points and continual personal development a requirement as a DARE practitioner.

Practitioner Accelerator training Days are run several times a year on different topics.


Checkout website for details : Book on line or contact office to book your place.