DARE Specialist - Relationships, Women's Health & Birth Trauma - 2020 TBC

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DARE Specialist – Relationships, Women’s Health & Birth Trauma

Dates: TBC 2020

Duration: 8 Days

Times: 10-17

Overview: Discover how relationship issues and past life connections are in action, with karma, contracts, vows and promises we have created affect us today. We will also focus on Elder techniques to help you ‘get your life back to this life script’ and share the same with your clients. Finally we will discuss ‘suppression’, in this and other lives and the link with relationships.  Gender issues and cruelty creating fear today. Women’s health and trauma also covers rape, sexual and physical abuse. We explore the emotional impacts from pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage and Post Natal Depression.

Women’s Health & Birth Trauma together with Relationships is being taught through this 8-day programme.


Venue: Oliver Jones Memorial Hall, Nr Glyn Ceiriog, Dolywern, North Wales.

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