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DARE Specialist – Women’s Health & Pregnancy, 2022, Online – Zoom


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DARE Specialist – Women’s Health & Pregnancy

Dates: 2022, TBC

Duration: 5 Days

Times: 10am & 3pm – unless otherwise stated (Each Webinar 3 hours approx.)

Venue: Online – Zoom
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Overview: D.A.R.E specialist training workshop 5-day. Live Digital training. Entry level is F3-4

Pregnancy is the most natural thing in the world yet many couples struggle to conceive. IVF is an anxious process for couples. Stress, grief and sadness ensues from miscarriage, still birth and complications during pregnancy.

An intermediate training looking at the physical, emotional and complications that ensue. Exploring new solutions from infertility, miscarriage, postnatal depression(PND) and PTSD.

Not all women are ready for pregnancy. Certainly, the body can be lacking in substance to facilitate new life. The emotional fall out from miscarriage, still birth and termination are under acknowledged, poorly understood, and women are left to their own devices to recover from a tragedy that strikes enormous amounts of women every year globally. Often taking the grief and distress to their grave.

Emotionally long-term onsets continue from PND, PTSD and depression for couples and relationships are under strain during and after the tragic scenarios.

There is no other training that gives a broad picture of pregnancy and highlights the callus and cold approaches we have amassed in society and healthcare. This has to change to support our women who are crying out for help!

Health issues from pregnancy are many and during training practitioners are taught new approaches with D.A.R.E therapy to support women and couples during this time. A compassionate ear is taught and heart felt therapy allows women/couples to feel deep support and understanding lacking elsewhere.

When treating individuals and/or families from the shock and trauma it has to be heartfelt to heal and help all move on. Including the lost infant soul.


Includes methods for prevention, solution and success :

  1. From infertility to full term. Why glitches happen. What we can do to prevent.
  2. Emotionally couples need support and helps to prevent the ongoing distress transmitting to their new infant.
  3. Helping to remove the emotional turmoil
  4. Physical alignment from processes started and unfinished.
  5. A lot is misunderstood in pregnancy and this specialist training highlight the hidden factors and brings personal focus for relief and true authentic support for clients in need.


Joy Wisdom trust is offering couples programmes this very subject and opportunities are available for specialist D.A.R.E practitioners to support and offer advanced ways during their troubled time. Training of couples programmes will be available from Spring 2022.

D.A.R.E specialist training in pregnancy / relationships / birth trauma, leads to entry and referral as a recommended practitioner on the JWT website.


Includes large manual and Pregnancy & Birth book

Case studies apply.    Additional fee for case studies.


Birth trauma is run as a separate specialist trainings. Discount is given if both workshops booked.