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Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing – Power of 3 Stage 1, 2022 Dates, Online – Zoom


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Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing – Power of 3 Stage 1

One Love – Joy Wisdom heart centred training


Tutors: Katie Hewson, Elizabeth Scanlon


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24th – 25th   September – (Katie)

22nd – 23rd   October – (Lyz)

19th – 20th    November – (Katie)



Times: 10am & 3pm – unless otherwise stated (Each Webinar 3 hours approx.)

Duration: 2 Days

Venue: Online – Zoom
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*Please book early for delivery of course materials to your home


Overview: Say goodbye to stress and anxiety  – Enjoy a powerhouse of support.

Receive enlightenment with Sacred Mother unique ‘YIN’ high vibrational frequencies.

Stage 1) ONE LOVE Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing:

Today we live with underlying levels of stress and depression. ONE Love Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing brings Incredible solutions to reduce stress, anxiety and fear. A gentle support package from Divine Feminine. A package of Love and nurturing 24/7 sustains daily. A powerhouse of support and LiGht house engagement. A must for sensitives and empaths as it negates negativity, helps to keep out of sea-saw emotions, allowing stability. Emotions such as fear are a big influence and part of the picture for anxiety and depression, depleting energetic support. Receiving training turns this around. Instead of being continually drained, energy increases and puts a line under harsh living and suffering. Feeding love every day. ‘ONE Love’ allows stability. When overwhelmed we are full to capacity when emptied, gives space for new to enter. Body vessel is compared to a waste bin overflowing with emotional pain and accumulating emotions. Once removed (transmuted) a sense of wellbeing and feelings of being alive follows, as Heart sings, bringing inner peace from inner transformation and new connections.

Power of 3: Stage one ONE-Love DILH a switch-on to the authentic self

ONE Love Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing, kick starts inner transformational processes; brings self-awakening with advanced skills. Improved personal development and energetic enhancements. No previous experience required

Webinar : ONE Love DILH

On Line training: Includes methods for on line healing applications

Want to try it out ….FREE 30 min taster session

See website for monthly training dates:

Share evenings for extra practice and you time.


Pack includes Manual, Certificate. Selenite: Free DVD: Free CD

CPD approved. CMA registered training

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Spread the cost options admin fee applies.


 Stage ONE includes

  1. Three HeARt chakra awakening: igniting‘Sacred’, ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Galactic’ HeARt’s. Live from a Duel and Tri HeARt centre.
  2. Switch on to Solar Chakra living.
  3. Three unique skills and methods for individual and share with others
  4. How to use selenite
  5. Chakra enhancement and balancing
  6. Grounding skills
  7. Ascended Master Hilarion connection
  8. Receive Quan Yin seeds of new beginnings
  9. Sacred HeARt awakening and receive ‘YIN’ energy
  10. Embody high vibrational gossamer energy
  11. Connect Divine I AM presence.
  12. Earth and environment support

New methods and skills to de-stress.

Stress and emotion are reduced, individual or client feels at peace, supported and loved.  An incredible package that goes on giving. All you need to do is turn up to receive abundance in two days! Methods to use for self or share with others. Benefits include 7-levels of clearing, jettisoning mutations from ages past with high vibrational enhancement from inside out. Changing life and transformational upshifts daily during workshop time.

*Online training : A quiet room, for training and recalibration. Somewhere to lie down, have blanket & pillow ready for inner transformation meditations.


Other levels include:

  1. Opalescence LiGHt Healing – opening Cosmic Heart – Tri-Heart
  2. OMNI HeARt opening – Galactic Heart seals the Tri Heart centre with Galactic centre.


Ensuring readiness for the next stage of development. I suggest a three-month break of integration after Diamond Inguz LiGHt® Healing. Before training at stage 2. Opalescence™ to allow for full integration and achieve ultimate connections and abundance from the higher Solar Chakras etc.,


Block booking and spread the cost options for D.A.R.E Induction /foundation and Power of 3

Checkout website for details : Book on line or contact office to book your place.

On request you can pay in installments & deposit will secure your place.

(Refresher/Reviews are available at reduced cost, contact for details).



Online – Zoom


24-25 September, 22-23 October, 19-20 November