Global Reach (Qualifying Level Opalescence) - Dates & Venue TBC

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Global Reach (Qualifying Level Opalescence)

Includes: Global reach tuition for clearing Gaia.

Dates: TBC

Duration: (about a week), TBC

Venue: TBC

Cost:  TBC


Overview: The global reach programmes are where highlighted areas are in focus, and are only open to those who have complete Opalescence LiGHt Healing.  This is because they can hold a great amount of transmuting energy with Opalescence which helps to clear the energetic levels to a greater degree, compared to a hot knife through butter.

 In December there is a special opportunity for those who are Earth protectors and helpers to assist in the latest global reach programme, this year the global reach is in Europe, place and venue TBC. A once in a lifetime event of global and individual change, enlightenment and expansion.   Each of the global reach events are different and a unique time for change. None of the events have been repeated as they are original global events and one off agendas as required to assist Gaia and upshift consciousness.

The work we will be involved in will be carrying on from our visit to France last November where the 5th harmonic convergence took place. We also seeded higher consciousness, to be activated during our December stay.  This time we have a very full agenda to instigate, activate adjustments and new alignments for Gaia.  Once again we will be working with Atlantean knowledge and consciousness, which has lain dormant for eons of time.

Each of you will know if this is for you, the soul will quicken the heart when you read the information. Each of us who are drawn for this particular global reach trip, are holding keys and codes for Gaia’s advancement and humanities change. We have waited eons to deliver, what a relief it is when we do, knowing we have played our part, contracts can be completed and soul agenda allowed to develop.   For some of us have been held back in our development, unable to move on, due to the delay in playing our part with the weight of deliverance since that time. The feeling of release of the responsibility and honour to have at last fulfilled our part can be vast.

The agenda is working with Aquarian age progression and orchestrated via a universal programme.   Those who have been with me before will agree these trips are a one off event. Incredible gifts are given along the way it is like winning the lottery every day energetically.

Flights: I am suggesting that you organise your own flights.    

Please book a.s.a.p to secure your place as time is short and I want to confirm arrangements with venue.   Booking can be made from the web site – or by phone a booking form with payment details are enclosed.

Booking arrangements on the web site if you wish to pay via PayPal.  Please note there is an additional fee for using PayPal.

We take payment via Visa, Debit card, Bacs payment (details on booking form) or alternatively a cheque payable to Allonus is also an option.

 Save yourself Save your SOUL

A once in a lifetime experience not to be missed, the soul is calling for attendance for expansion and release. It is my honour to guide and lead you all in this auspicious time of global change.     Please register your interest and book early, as numbers are limited.


Love from the ONE HeARt

Joy Wisdom x

Founder of Allonus Global Reach programme

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