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New vision – Rape and Abuse DVD


New vision – Rape and Abuse DVD – Joy Wisdom You Tube Interview

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Joy Wisdom ‘New vision – Rape and Abuse’ DVD

Joy Wisdom:  Her background – aclinical Intuitive Body/Mind practitioner, Psychic Healer, Teacher and author of several books/CDs. Involved in spiritual global work for over two decades and teaching new practitioner techniques. Bringing in new information, ways of living, nurturing, changing and developing for the Aquarian age. Joy is also the founder of Dissolve and Resolve Emotions® (DARE™) a unique approach with Intuitive Practitioner Training, plus arange of new LiGHt Healing processes, including reconnection to the Atlantean Template, and Lotus Path Ascension programme, a full A-Z programme of ultimate spiritual development under the banner of ‘ZEST of Life’® programme.

Joy is a sought after inspirational speaker, visionary educator and Healer and awarded ‘Inspirational Woman of 2015’ via Aspire Magazine. A clinical practitioner in her own right with nearly two decades of clinical experience with a range of clinical practices including Reflexology. Channelled the LiGht Healing programme via Quan Yin and Ascended Master Hilarion in 2007.   Founder of the Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) radical new health system.   Both launched in 2010 when the consciousness was high enough to receive.  An earth keeper and involved in planetary clearing and raising consciousness for the evolution of humanity since 1990s.

Have we evolved at all?  Joy discusses her visions on Abuse with Sarah Sarginson (a DARE practitioner).  How Joy sees that fundamental factors are not being addressed.  How culture and family values need to change to stop the practice that has been in place since the 12th century… We need daily approaches to the myths and misconceptions to bring society into the 21st century.  Lives are held in dread and fear, due to outdated practices and beliefs.  Education and information is the answer to the gender controls and deformation.

Discusses her approach with DARE (an effective practitioners programme of skills), which has had tremendous positive outcomes.  Helping individuals to gain self-esteem and self worth, jettisoning their PTS and trauma, which is at the heart of their abuse demise.   Abuse has very physical outcomes even from a mental base.  Until we deal with the fundamental issues nothing will change.

Health issues form abuse can change with DARE.

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