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Omni Heart – Power of 3 Stage 3, 2022 Dates, Online – Zoom


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Omni Heart – Power of 3 Stage 3

Tutor: Joy Wisdom


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Dates: 2022

23rd – 25th September
2nd – 4th December


Times: 10am & 3pm – unless otherwise stated (Each Webinar 2.5 hours approx.)

Duration: 3 days

Venue: Online – Zoom
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Overview: The Omni Heart works with Galactic Consciousness. A high vibrational resonance. The new App for the Heart and Aquarian Age living. A million, trillion miles away from the 4th heart chakra and 3D Consciousness. The 4th Heart Chakra linked to Piscean age living – duality and 3D living, a base line to lower levels of being and suffering consciousness.

What we know it will do…. The Omni Heart accelerates and recalibrates the physical heart, accelerating energetic changes with new substantial development foundations, especially for the New Kids (Indigos, Crystals, Stellar’s), Star seeds, Lightworkers and those on their spiritual path. It is what we have been waiting for. Certainly it will make a huge difference to our individual lives to greater degrees. Accelerating life roles and expanding visions for the Golden Aquarian paradigm. Linking individuals to their Souls agenda, allowing for easier recognition of changes required within. Attaining the focus to attain ZERO baggage and emotions.

Certainly we are learning the HeARt is the HeARt of the matter for all of humanity. It is the lack of living from the heart that has brought lack into our daily living and formed limitation in living and accumulated vast emotions that handicaps us in all manner of ways.

It is the final Clarion Call to Unity and ONEness. Step towards Thriving instead of continual surviving.

Time to move into the Omniverse energies, the start of the exciting levels of Aquarian Age giving.


Allonus ZEST of Life programmes for LIFE enhancement and thriving.

* Includes manual & digital certificate


Block booking and spread the cost options for D.A.R.E Induction /foundation and Power of 3

Checkout website for details : Book on line or contact office to book your place.

On request you can pay in installments & deposit will secure your place.

(Refresher/Reviews are available at reduced cost, contact for details).




23-25th September, 2nd- 4th December