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Opalescence LiGHt Healing, Power of 3 – Stage 2, 2022 Dates, Online – Zoom


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Opalescence LiGHt Healing – Power of 3 Stage 2


Tutor: Joy Wisdom


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Dates: 2022

9th – 11th September
25th -27th November

Times: 10am & 3pm – unless otherwise stated (Each Webinar 2.5 hours approx.)

Duration: 3 Days

Venue: Online Zoom
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*Please book early for delivery of course materials to your home.


Overview: Power of 3 – Stage 2. Opalescence™ LiGHt healing. We are a treasure trove of unused skills, knowledge and wisdom, in 3-day Opalescence the powerhouse of advancement continues.

The Opalescence™ flame is under the guardianship of Divine Feminine and Goddess or Master Chohan, Quan Yin. It carries the energy of the Bodhisattva or ‘Yin’ energy, transcending into pure compassion and unconditional love. ‘Yin’ energy has been carried by deities through the ages such as Mother Mary and Quan Yin. From stage one, we have been growing and expanding self from the kick start and awakening received, integrating to advanced levels of self. Supported by Divine Feminine unconditional Love.

Opalescence™ open students to receive inner transformation and engage with amazing untapped dormant qualities, new connections and alignments to further unknown aspects of self with advanced spiritual and matrix awakening.

Incorporates higher processes to correct gender separation, embracing ONENESS with Twin-Flame, as Soul unites once more. The wholeness received from Twin flame alignment is profound and awe inspiring. People can’t stop smiling with the reunion.


Re-Birth of the authentic self continues with Opalescence. Shell of soul living becomes a distant memory.


  1. Cosmic heart opening
  2. Open and receive abundance of Solar Chakra living 15th – 20th (Opalescence™)
  3. Solar polarities and heart aligns to higher levels of Solar frequencies and spiritual abundance, interlinking all aspects of self, upshifting from human to spiritual ONENESS operation.
  4. Original Blueprint re-calibrates to soul formation
  5. Temple awakening and Rainbow Light regeneration
  6. Love Body
  7. LiGht of Transition
  8. Twin Flame united
  9. Divine Feminine and Masculine awakening and upshift
  10. Merkaba up-grade
  11. Crystalline energy activation
  12. Opalescence™ LiGht Healing™ methods for healing. A cellular level, regeneration.
  13. Learn Psychic skills / methods
  14. Cosmic shower
  15. Gaia and environmental support daily
  16. Ascended masters and Divine Feminine


2008 Quan Yin said Opalescence was the highest vibration on earth, gone on to upshift again to bring Galactic consciousness and operations into the frame with OMNI.

I suggest a three-month break after Opalescence LiGHt Healing before training in OMNI HeART™ to allow for full integration and achieve ultimate connections and abundance. Ensuring readiness for the next stage of development.


On Line training: digital brings a wealth of options with home tuition, home comforts, less travel and expenses. Includes methods for digital healing applications.

Entry level stage one – ONE LOVE Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing.

See website for ongoing training dates:

Opalescence share evenings offered throughout the year


Pack includes Manual, Certificate. Essence and stationary

CPD approved.

CMA registered training

Power of 3 reviews are available at reduced cost.


Power of 3 Block booking for extra discounts and spread the cost options

* A quiet room, for training and recalibration. Somewhere to lie down, have blanket & pillow ready for inner transformation meditations.

Focus on emotional clearing, each day removing barriers and blockages to help clear hidden barriers before an individual receives wondrous energy.


Block booking and spread the cost options for D.A.R.E Induction /foundation and Power of 3

Checkout website for details : Book on line or contact office to book your place.

On request you can pay in installments & deposit will secure your place.

(Refresher/Reviews are available at reduced cost, contact for details).




9-11th September, 25 – 27th November