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Selenite Pebble


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Selenite Pebble

Selenite is a Crystal, comes in all shapes and sizes. It has been used through the ages to help LiGHtworkers ‘see’ inside the physical body therefore enabling definition of blockages and energetic barriers.

Selenite pencil wands or rods are used specifically on the body to enhance, change and renew.  It can be used to clear the aura, heal rifts in relationships causing tears in the auric field.

When used in meditation, it uses clarity of mind, helping to clear chakras and energetics.

Selenite helps with regeneration of tissue in the Etheric body and physical body including muscular flexibility.

Used on the spinal column selenite can change and improve energy flow. Works through the spinal fluid brings new vibrational healing energy to every cell in the body.

Crystals have been used for centuries to help heal, they were used extensively in Atlantis with the use of crystals knowledge and perception was profound during those times.

Selenite is unique in its properties as it will clear and negate negativity.  It will transmute dense energies and is a helping hand in the home, office and therapy or healing practice environment.

The wands can be used for self-help as well as a practitioner’s tool.

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